Renee Broxson (Roesch) was born in St. Louis, Missouri to an artist mother, Yvonne, and barber father, Mmerl. Growing up, Renee traveled every weekend with her mother to art shows.  Renee's love of art developed very early, although she did not formally take up painting until 2014. Renee completed the Creative Visionary Program at Art2Life in 2018.

As the Director of Tennis at Hidden Dunes Beach & Tennis Resort in Miramar Beach, Florida, Renee spends her days as a tennis teaching professional when she is not painting. Renee is an accomplished tennis player that uses the same work ethic she applied to develop her skills in tennis as she does in her art practice.   

Renee's goal is two-fold: to continue developing her artistic skill and capture interest in her art from collectors so that she can donate a large portion of her proceeds to animal rescue efforts in northwest Florida. Renee's belief in skill building is her motivation to keep studying and continuously improving her art.   

Renee serves on the Board of Directors of Dog-Harmony, Inc., based in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. She also lives in Santa Rosa Beach and has two rescue dogs of her own: Paige and Lulu.

About the art

“My artwork is a collection of childhood memories and everyday life experiences. My daily work in animal rescue and having cared for an aging parent both influence my art, which often features houses and dogs. I use of variety of materials to add texture and interest. I start each painting in a playful way with layers of paint to stay loose and see what appears.”

Renee Broxson at East End Gallery